Monday, May 2, 2011

AdiOs , SeM 2 . .

  Sedar tak sedar dah tamat dah semester 2 aku . Sekejap je kan mase berlalu . Rase macam baru je lagi menginjak awal sem , rupe-rupe nye dah tamat dah oih . Rase macam sedih pun ade bile fikir nak masuk sem 3 ni . Yelah kan , sem 3 ni maybe jugak merupakan sem last untuk certain klazmate aku . Dioerang nak buat fast track . Uwaaa ...
   Anyway , i can't be selfish . i OUGHT and WILL let you go , dear . This is time to think our future . And all of you have right to decide your OWN future . But , i still wondering how my life soon ? Perhaps it will not such turvy topsy ! AHAHA! But , my next tranquility will not same as before b'coz i'm gonna lost my extravaganza friends sooner =(
   I want to dedicate this entry with our memories in 2nd semester together . weeee ..


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