Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DeDiCated To NadiY AzReeQ

Dear Nadiy Azreeq ,
I know this is really hard time for you . You have many difficulties . But you MUST bear in mind that every problem comes with solution . So,believed with this phrase and find back yourself to counter this matter . It's not a big deal if someone that you love , already neglected you . It will be big deal if you don't ever try to stand back and struggle ! I know its hurt . Yeah , but be optimistic buddy ! No pain , no gain ! 
Let say you are not meant to be together with her , let it be . Because what The Almighty had determined is the best for us . What is your , will be yours ! And what isn't your , will NEVER EVER FOREVER be yours ! No rules created that life will be EASY , SUCCESS , and HAPPY . But , all that gonna be acchieved with a little of effort .
For "that" problem , i don't have so much words to utter here . But , please make it as a BIG BIG lesson . Past is the past and don't ever try to repeat that STUPID things ! It's not worthit , besties . Trust me ! To be success with your own effort is the most enthralling moment . =) Keep it up your spirit and never turn down . Goodluck , Audi . May God bless you ;)