Saturday, March 12, 2011

SaYoNaRa " My MiRaCLeS"

   Arrgghh !! It's hard to face all this .! But , by hook or by crook i MUST accept it. Hmm , nobody want to be sad , no one like to choose to be in suffer , and no people are planning to get hurt . I already done my best  by being honest with you . I don't want to beg you and ask for your sympathize . Your decision is final right ?? So , let the times heal my heart . MEN PROPOSE , GOD DISPOSE . Yeah ! That the best word to describe my emotion now . Hope with just hope . I know , it had been almost 7 months . I am really sorry for what i have done before . If i can turn back that time , i wish i never ever forever make that decision . :'((  
   Now , i start to learn with independent ways. Without "my miracle" by my side anymore . Its a big deal , you know ? Huh ! I don't know why , my life begin to become chaos and miserable . So , pathetic ! I need to boost my spirit back . Ouh God , come on help me . ! Give me the strength , bring antidote to me , and spread your grace onto me . "every cloud have silver lining" Did you agree ?? Perhaps its true . I still believed in this phrase will bring luck and can help to get rid all the melancholy in my heart .