Tuesday, November 16, 2010


   Today is a day left before hari raya aidil adha. The day celebrated by all muslim during zulhijjah month. My mother off today and do not go for work. She decide to make some preparation for hari raya aidil adha. She woke me up earlier in the morning and without hesitate she ask me to accompany her to the market nearby. Alamak..!! I wish i could go on with my sweet dream on the best mat ever had, the extraordinary comfort pillow and my peaceful blanket. Teeeett.!! Oh, i'am late. 
   After having shower, i grab my handphone and quickly enter the car. We arrived 10 minutes later in the market and search for the parking. Many people in and outside the market. The numbers of people makes me wonder either today is public holiday or maybe not. OMG.! Crowded here,crowded there.! Crowded.! Everywhere is crowded.! Huh! I'm suffocated,man.!
   But, i just ignore that and make a move by following my mother buy some meats. Oh.no no. Not again. Please! Please! The meat stalls are surrounded with a thousands of people (not thousand act.hahaha) Whatta hell are they doing here?? Nah,one more stupid question appear in my head.Hahahaha. They want to buy meats lah.Same goes to me. I step behind my mother and let her queue.
   We bought so much things in order as preparation for eid adha soon. We finish our "shopping" in the market around 10.30 a.m., i guess. We went home and having breakfast (too late,but i still called it as breakfast)hehehe. Ok, now is the greatest moment for me to redeem back my sleep. Guten morgen und guten nacht. (in Germany)  =)
   Oppss..., before that i wanna make a wish. Special to all muslim, happy eid adha and hope our eid diz year will full of blessing and delightful day. Let's we reveal and understand the true meaning of Eid Adha together. Insyaallah.. ASSALAMMUALAIKUM,pen off..


  1. kullu am wa enti bikhoir...

    aku tak pi pasar sini...fiancee aku yg tolong pergikan..hahahaha

  2. walaweh ..
    yela, orang ade fiancee.Tolong carikan aku syabab sorang..haha