Saturday, November 13, 2010

I aM YeaRNinG You..

I miss you ,
I want you,
I need you,
I wanna hug you as before,
I want to play with you again,
I want to caress you gently,
I want to look after you,
I will protect you,

For the God sake, i miss you damn much.! Please come back to me,dear..We have been separated for almost a week.It's hard for me to faced all this.My life is so uncertain.! I can't withstand it anymore.I'm lonly without you.Its more to pathetic.When i saw your bag lie down in my room,the pieces of my heart are missing you.I promise,when i get you back,i will take dauble triple care for you.Please come back as soon as posibble for me and recovered from your "ailment",honey..iloveyousomuch, MY BLUE VAIO. =)

my sweetheart..

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