Tuesday, November 30, 2010

sOmeOne TAG mE ! !

   In this post i just wanna settle my task that given by my besties . I have been TAGGING by her . OMG .! By hook or by crook , i ought to finished my task as soon as possible . You are hell bloody good , ADLIN ROSHAIDA . =)  Maybe you already know that i am each of your laziest friends , so this gonna be the strong reasons for you to TAG me , right ? HAHA!
   Ok , first of all i generously thank to ADLIN ROSHAIDA for TAGGING me . Beb , arigato gozaimas . !  Here i served you with all TAGGING answer , okeyh . HEHE!

1-the significant things in your life
Money for sure , my IC , my attire , foods of coz la kan HAHA! , clock @ watch , house INDEED! , my SE handphone and Nokia also , lovely sweetheart my blue vaio laptop

2-last things you bought with own money
My own money ?? AHAHA! did i ? Hmm, let me guess . Ouh , the last things i bought wif MY money , tshirt , magazine , DVD's , foods foods and foods . Its better to buy foods as long it worth it for my tummy . KAHKAHKAH .

3-place you want to get married and your theme soon
Damn it ! tough question . can i skip this ?? errr... Ok . I know i can't. Fuh! For me , its more than enough if i get opportunity to run my wedding in my parents house or more familiar whem i am saying as MY HOMETOWN . theme ? i don't know yet . But i am very glad if i can pick up blue as my theme soon . HEE

4-are you in love now ?
Nah , one more killer question . NO ! Absolutely no ! 

5-how long will you love your lover ?
I am still searching for my mr.right now . When the day comes , i promise to love him as long as i breath . for the God sake , i will love him eternity ! Yeuww!! Its sound silly,right ?? AHAHA

6-where you always meet your lover?
Ha ?? Did i ?? never for this time being . Please take note. Thank you :)

7-novel / magazine / book you bought last ?
CLEO , Galaxies , Math 112 text book . I never bought novel . borrow only . saved2 . KAHKAHKAH!

8-your full name
unique to spell ,am i right ?? HUHU!

9-between mom and dad which one you more friendly ?
both . i do friendly with all my family members . Nothing is precious than my family ;)

10-did you wash your outfit by own ?
No . AHAHA. My beloved machine do it for me .

11-where you really want to go ?
If i have a chance , i want to go to Mecca with my family . To fulfill our responsibilities as muslim . Next , i extremely want to visit Switzerland .Seriously! Maybe for my honeymoon ! Perhaps .! HEE.. Please work for this my upcoming mr.right ... Pleaaaaaaase .... !!! HAHA! ( just kidding)

12-choose either one ; kiss or hug
No way ! I want both . (sound like very greedy,rite?) HAHA! Only insane people can select either one , i guess la.. :P

13- 3 details about the person that tagging you
- a noble girl with a lots of love provide to her friends -
- sometimes might get into emo , but easy to cool . very open minded and soft spoken -
- so sweet to see her together with her boyfie, syakir . happy ever after , dear  (^^,) -

14-5 things the most precious in your life
my lappy , my handphones and so on . I am tired in writing all this stuff .

15-5 songs that you like to hear
-Techno Thai oh oh oh jam .. HAHA! alin , ika , fit , aisyah like to laugh at me when i heard this song . I am addict with this song before .
-Barakallah --> Maher zain
-Better man --> Robbie William
- Senyum --> Najwa feat Malique (after my friend, Amirul Firadaus introduce to me)
- UiTm Di hatiku . HAHA! * I am a universal listener , okeyh *

16-when your date of birth and where you celebrate last year ?
  30 - APRIL - 1992
with my best ever buddies Qilah , Fina , Fadlun , Namad, in my house in Kuantan with the cake gift by someone. And watching The Haunted Room in Megamall together . I miss all our good old times together =(  Thanks ,girls ! you're owesome!

17-5 bloggers that u gonna TAG
 I just have one name to TAG . My CR --> Hafizul Hafiz @ Triple -H
For those that seems like to TAG yourselves , yes u may .My pleasure , dude ! * i don't want to burden you , so its more better when you offer to burden yourselves * HAHA!

18-explain a little about the first blogger you TAGged
- nice boy , always follow their friends desire , capable class captain , like to give a hand for those needed , caring . I hope our friendship will last forever lah , Hafizul .I wish i can be your classmates until part 6 ,Insyaallah . I know you can withstand with my " good " behaviour . AHHAHA!

Thank God , I have settle down my task . Its a big deal to finish it , u know . Finally , i did it ! Huh! Good relieved .. That's all for now , ASSALAMMUALAIKUM , pen off .

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